Britgrid - http://britgrid.com:8002

About Britgrid

Britgrid is a commercial online, multiplayer virtual world that is based upon server code from the OpenSimulator project. Britgrid offers an affordable, friendly environment in which to relax, socialise and build. Residents can also elect to enjoy the benefit of using gloebits in-world currency, however this is not mandatory.

The majority of Britgrid residents are European, primarily from the United Kingdom, consequently Britgrid is most active during evenings and week-ends GMT.

Britgrid also has a Discord server, where anyone is welcome to join https://discord.gg/5KQewD

Britgrid offers both affordable Sim Rental for new starters.

Grid Owners:

Mister Britgrid Co-grid Owner and Administrator
Contact details: misterbritgrid@gmail.com

Misses Britgrid Co-grid Owner
contact details: missesbritgrid@gmail.com