500 Building humps in the district of kronach offer a rough chance

500 building humps in the district of kronach offer a rough chance

Families and singles in search of housing, high rents or high repair costs, many vacancies and less modern housing than the bavarian average (see chart) – the topic of housing has been a hot potato in the district of kronach for years. State parliament member jurgen baumgartner and district administrator klaus loffler (both CSU) have made it a matter of leadership. A first housing summit on thursday showed that the potential is there to get the housing market in the district moving.

Both politicians rated the two-hour meeting with representatives of the construction industry, banks and local politicians as a complete success. They then came up with concrete objectives.

"There are over 500 baulucken in the district of kronach", baumgartner stated in view of a study. "Our goal is to build on 25 percent of it. There are no limits to creativity here." loffler set the goal of 200 new apartments in two years. "We will clearly achieve that", added the delegate. However, the two politicians do not approach the task in a blue-eyed manner.

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Baumgartner addressed some points that still had to be made. "Industry must get out of the city center", he emphasized in reference to the city center of kronach. In his opinion, this space, for example in the area around the garden show, should be made available for housing construction. In general, the planning of industrial settlements must become better. Instruments that slow down investments, such as the parking space regulations and the building regulations, also had to be scrutinized.

Meanwhile, vacancy management must be aggressively addressed. More incentives had to be created to go into the inner cities. Further, the gap must be closed between the low rent level and the late investment that investors in the kronach district have had to make. However, the state is called upon to solve the problem.

The delegate also believes it is important to create ownership and to get more people into homes of their own. The fact that the sale of real estate by the state is not always used for residential purposes, but is also misused for real estate speculation, is also a thorn in the side of the deputy.

Tight schedule

Despite these challenges, he was in good spirits. He was pleased with the results of the meeting with "enthusiastic representatives of the parties, investors in a good mood and banks in a positive mood". Loffler shared his impression. "We wanted to get everyone together at one table", emphasized. This obviously paid off.

The district administrator put this in figures. The savings bank kulmbach-kronach, for example, had spoken of 15 million euros that could be invested in the two neighboring districts. The two raiffeisen banks oberfranken-mitte and kups-mitwitz-stockheim had also sent positive signals.

District and municipalities work together

Against this backdrop, the county wanted to get involved as a coordinating body and work with the municipalities to identify key points where the vacancy can be addressed. The networking initiated on wednesday is now to be further advanced. In the first half of 2020, the district administrator would finally like to define the further direction of the project. Then it should become concrete.

"I think it was an important, a necessary and also a strong impulse today", loffler judged the housing summit. Now the "strict timetable" is being followed at.