A visit to the bees

A visit to the bees

The bee: currently one of the most popular animals in bavaria. Last but not least, their popularity has been boosted by the "save the bees" campaign for species protection!" sharp increase at the beginning of the year. The hochstadt beekeepers’ association has often held its blood honey festival, but this time the organizers expected a particularly large crowd because of the constellation mentioned above. However, second chairman daniel haberer was not entirely satisfied with the number of visitors: "it could have been a bit more."

The visitors who were there, however, showed a great deal of interest. Among them were also many children who could experience bees at first hand on the premises of the beekeepers’ association. The beekeepers gave an insight into their daily work and their communities. Of course, it’s important for the bees to have a lot of flowers, as haberer explains: "every flower that flowers brings us something." that’s why the beekeepers’ association gave out seeds free of charge.

Furthermore, the second chairman lavendel recommends. It looks nice, is easy to care for and serves the bees optimally. It is important to make sure that the plants continue to flower later in the year. Because at this time of year it becomes more difficult for bees to find food.

More and more beekeepers

There are now very many beekeepers around hochstadt, as chairman hannes neumeier explained: "there has been a very, very large increase in the number of beekeepers." there are almost too many bee colonies in too small a space, but neumeier says he is happy for anyone who is involved with bees.

And sometimes you can even bet on the animals. Whenever the blood honey festival takes place. In gremsdorf, the bees, marked with a colored dot, are let loose. Whichever color makes it back to its people on the beekeepers’ club grounds first wins the prize. This time there was a real main gain for the victor. Member thomas hanika donated a sightseeing flight with a motor plane. Once flying like bees.