Adelsdorf invests in the children

Adelsdorf invests in the children

The conversion of the former rooms of the main school into four bright, friendly group rooms of the day care center "villa sonnenschein" according to heike zahnleiter, head of the department of social services in adelsdorf, the two-million-euro investigation was not exactly a snip, but it was certainly worth it.

Taken up at the end of 2015 on the basis of a needs forecast, the last two rooms were finally occupied in september 2017. During the inspection by the committee for associations, culture, social affairs and education on wednesday, sabine steffanides, director of the day care center, explained that up to 100 children can be accommodated in the four groups. 90 children currently attend the daycare center.

Sabine steffanides is particularly proud of the planned certification of the "villa sonnenschein" as a "moving daycare center. The research project of the university of bayreuth started in october this year and will be finished in march 2020.

For the filling of the hungry children’s stomachs the company "S-bar" provides based in nurnberg, the company has made it its business to put together meals suitable for children, also taking into account the food intolerances of its small customers. Recently, the parents of the three kindergartens "villa sonnenschein" and "villa regenbogen, villa rainbow and "nursery motley" about the "kitafino-app to selectively compose their children’s meals, which, in addition to convenient ordering via cell phone or PC with 317 potential customers, also relieves the administration enormously. The innovation was so well received that the decision was made to also use the app to provide meals for the children in the middle school by september 2019. A meal in the daycare center currently costs 2.65 euros, for school children 3.30 euros.

The school children are catered for in extra rooms in the middle school. The rooms are equipped with discarded school furniture, which cannot be the last word in wisdom. Monika grimm, head of the open all-day school, would like to see cafeteria furniture due to a lack of space.

On a trial basis, a special table was purchased, which not only offers space for twelve children, but can also be folded up after the meal, together with the seats, to save space. The cost of this furniture is 1300 euros. In order to cope with the rush of hungry children, five to six more tables were needed. Mayor karsten fischkal () promised to control the budget, so that perhaps one or two tables can be purchased this year, the remaining four in the following year.