Again schlagereien in the coburger stone way

Again Schlagereien in the coburger stone way

On saturday morning, at about 4 o'clock, officers of the coburg police were called to a crime in the steinweg. In a local a 28-year-old had knocked down another guest. When the police took him in, he insulted the officers and then resisted being taken into custody. He was allowed to spend the night in the cell and also received charges for bodily harm and insulting an officer.

Two more insults to officers
With a custody and the ausnuchterung in the police cell, ended on saturday morning another officer insulting. Against 4.20 o'clock, a 21-year-old man insulted without reason two police officers with the vilest of slogans, who were driving their service vehicle on the stone road. The reason for the verbal derailment was probably partly due to the young man's alcohol consumption. The test device showed an impressive 2.08 per mille. He is now also facing charges for insulting the police.

At 5.30 o'clock, the officers had to be active again in the stone way. A heavily intoxicated 25-year-old man defied an order to leave the premises and therefore had to be taken into custody. Since he did not follow further he had to be tied up afterwards even. He insulted the officers with all the strong language his alcoholic vocabulary could produce. Ausnuchterung and an announcement because of insult of police officers were the consequence.

Rude confrontation between turkish state officials and security
The patrols of the police department had a lot of work to do on saturday morning, around 2 o'clock, to settle a dispute between 15 to 20 people in the steinweg. Some drunken persons were denied by the present securitys the admission into a club in the stone way, whereupon it came to a heated argument.

The fizzy "radelsfuhrer" (bicycle driver) the officers had to take him into custody to prevent a further escalation. Since the young man resisted arrest, coercive means had to be used here as well.