All four habfurt starters fight their way to the podium

Four martial artists of the extreme arts academy habfurt successfully participated in the bavarian cup tournament in rodental. All four kickboxers were able to secure a place on the podium. They won three times silver and once bronze.
The first to enter the ring was kevin barth (oberschwarzach). After sending his opponent to the boards twice in the semifinals in the men’s class up to 81 kg and clearly winning the fight at the end of the third round, he also scored points in the final with numerous hard punches and kicks. After the final bell, the 21-year-old was initially just ahead, but a single minus point ultimately cost him the victory. He reached place 2 on the winner’s podium.
Then daniel rossol (knetzgau) started in the class youth up to 81 kg. At the end of the first fight, however, he was defeated by his opponent on points. In the second duel, however, the 17-year-old athlete also dominated the ring with determination, put his opponent under considerable pressure with many effective strikes and also won silver.
Then the twelve year old elias seifert (sylbach) made his kickboxing debut on the mat. He also placed second in the over 47 kg youth category, despite being paired with a heavier weight class, just like his two older teammates.
Last but not least kevin kruger (habfurt) entered the battlefield. Having already competed very successfully in ground fighting in the past, the 21-year-old athlete now achieved third place in his kickboxing debut in the men’s up to 74 kg class.
The habfurter coach denny kruger was proud of the performance of his fighters. "Extremely hard training and intensive preparation pay off. Also the team around the sportsmen has done whole work and for a smooth operational sequence ensured." in the ring corner he was supported by coaches heiko hofmann and julian ehehalt.