Anselm grun: this is not my merit

Anselm grun: this is not my merit

Gratitude – that would be a good alternative title for the birthday event P. Anselm gruns OSB has been. Because that’s exactly what he wants to do to his numerous guests, as it says in a letter to the press. But the symposium of the abbey of munsterschwarzach, which was organized together with the vier-turme-verlag, was overwritten with "life dreams and inspiration". What life dreams P. Anselms were fulfilled, showed speech contributions of some away companions.

For example, there was winfried nonhoff, who, on the occasion of anselm’s birthday, published a new book with 75 questions for p. Anselm wrote with him. He described the benedictine as a missionary, because that is what he does in his lectures and seminars. It shows that, in the end, it comes down to a total commitment to god. With rough theological competence, he helps people live their faith in everyday life. "What P. Anselm is also his love for his family", says nonhoff.

Many nieces and nephews had come

The fact that his many nieces and nephews were there touched P. Anselm. He knows that his family always supports him. In addition to his fellow brothers, who have always supported him, the monk thanked god above all: "all this is not my merit, this is grace."

This humility was also presented by abbot michael reepen OSB. He went on to acknowledge P. Anselm, who together with his confreres rediscovered the wisdom of the wustenmonks in the 1970s and combined it with insights from psychology. "But the most important source is probably our attempts to live together in this spirit on a daily basis as a community, in the everyday life of prayer and work, emphasized the abbot. When asked what the mission of the monks is today, p. Anselm found an answer.

Entrepreneur janssen realigned his company

Five topics showed how much his life’s dreams were answered and realized: business, mission, psychology, life crises and people. From the world of business, entrepreneur bodo janssen, who met anselm grun after a bad employee survey and completely reoriented his company. He showed how leadership can be done with the help of benedict’s rule: "the most important thing is to strengthen the person and always ask yourself what helps him or her."

Above all, however, explained janssen, the attitude of the employees to decisions is important. "Because if they have the feeling of having something printed on them, they cannot be satisfied."

This collective life is also the reason why P. Anselm is so popular in asia, explains hsin-ju wu, who runs a publishing house in taiwan and organizes trips abroad for p. Anselm organized there. Christians were the minority there and until recently were very much influenced by ignatian theology. But because of the rough commitment of the few christians, they are networked in a completely different way, and that corresponds much more to the benedictines, he said. "We are like a coarse family", he said and described P. Anselm as a modern asian missionary.

Grun also takes up fundamental questions of psychoanalysis

And the benedictine has always thought in modern terms. Dr. Bernd deiniger, chief physician of the clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy in nurnberg explained how P. Anselm theologically takes up basic questions of psychoanalysis and answers them accordingly. Healing and salutary aspects he attributes to god consciousness. "The central statement of him is that self-knowledge always has to do with the knowledge of god", deininger said. Faith always goes beyond what psychotherapy does. That is why he has taken up the model of the recollectio house in his work and works together with the hospital chaplains.

Walter kohl was able to experience how important pastoral care is. Helmut kohl’s son’s life was put to the existential test in the course of the CDU fundraising campaign. Through the book "einreden" by P. Anselm could find strength. "Anselm, you are a lighthouse", said kohl. P. Anselm manages to respond to many needs. Above all on one thing: orientation. For him, the abbey of munsterschwarzach remains a place of strength. He had come early that day especially to pray with the monks.

Everything can be – this sentence will accompany katrin miletich all her life

This monastery was also important for katrin miletich. She has organized P. Anselm in their youth know and appreciate learned. To this day, she sees the monastery as the place she needs in these accelerated times: "here I come into contact with myself, even with the dark sides of myself." that she could accept them, she also has P. Anselm to thank. Everything was allowed to be, he had once advised her. A sentence that will accompany you all your life.

An accompanist is P. Anselm has become for many people – regardless of whether they know him personally or not. Books sold by the millions, lectures all over the world, fully booked courses – but for his personal success in the past 75 years, the modest monch finds only one word: gratitude.