As tangy as the lemonade of yesteryear

Christine wittenbauer didn't have to say very much when she announced the schlager band "schabeeso" announced: "very popular, very missed, finally back again." and already she left the microphone to the musicians, who already for the third time made the audience in the former synagogue revel in old schlagers.
The name of the band is reminiscent of a popular soft drink from the first half of the 20th century. Century. What do pop songs and schmaltz have to do with lemonade?? "Both are babbert sub", is to be heard from georg leumer. He and josef gentil proudly present a small green bottle with a snap cap, in which the lemonade was once bottled. A visitor had found it in the attic of a condemned building and brought it to the group.
The non-alcoholic refreshment drink was said to have a health-promoting effect. It remains to be seen whether this also applies to the hits and schmaltz. Although laughter is said to be healthy and good humor is contagious. The visibly good mood spilled over from the stage into the audience from the very first moment and even increased until the very end. The schlager band's repertoire hasn't changed much, but it doesn't need to.
Popular classics of the comedian harmonists like "veronika, der lenz ist da" were heard or the "bar to the crocodile.
In buenos aires, in the middle of the 19. A new dance at the beginning of the century: the tango. With his close body contact, he caused a public sensation. Emperor wilhelm II. Even called him "the rinnsteinkind" and in november 1913, by decree, forbade his officers to dance tango in uniform. Today it is hard to imagine that titles like "under the pine trees of argentina" would have been so popular once the temper aroused. You can also learn where the term schlager comes from. The word is inspired by the singer alexander girardi, who sang the tenth repetition of his couplet "by day I'm hectic, by night I'm electric" 1878 with the memorable comment: "kids, that hit the spot!." the nasal film star theo lingen had even helped to save the belgian king leopold iii. Deservedly made. Stories and anecdotes, which were told between the songs by a very good leumer.

Peter Kraus and rocco granata

After the second world war, dances like rumba, samba, calypso, mambo, cha-cha-cha or twist spilled over from south america to europe. Female teenagers were now hitting teenagers, and the german answer to elvis presley was peter kraus. At that time rocco granata had records pressed on his own account, which he then gave away to radio stations. The hit song "marina, marina", composed by rocco granata in 1959, sounds in french dialect immediately completely different: "at douch and nochd, i think of you, marina", was heard in the most beautiful dialect. The four musicians also knew how to involve their listeners. Georg leumer only had to hum a few bars and the song rang out from many throats. The audience was allowed to listen to lyrics like "the guitar and the sea" by freddy quinn and "cindy, oh cindy" (margot eskens) indulge in nostalgic feelings and hardly anyone will stop them. "Is not this dreamlike already?", a visitor flutters to her acquaintance. With "sailor, your home is the sea" in 1960 lolita was the first german speaking singer with more than one million records sold. Now the audience was asked to contribute the background sounds (sea noise, bird calls).
Thus presented, there is nothing dusty about the hits and schmaltzy songs that the musicians presented this evening. On the contrary, they come fresh, witty and with a lot of humor and some french touch to the performance.