Beaten man: motive still in the dark

beaten man: motive still in the dark

A 45-year-old man was arrested on 4. January beaten up on the kirkhamweg between the city and the state baths. The injured man dragged himself to the back door of a hotel in the castle park where he was working at the time. There he finally collapsed.

Investigations continue

Even almost a year after the crime, the perpetrators' motive remains in the dark. The victim, an afghan living legally in germany for several years, said he had been attacked by his countrymen because of a religious conflict. However, the schweinfurt police did not find this very credible. "The investigations are still ongoing", reports kathrin thamm from the press office of the police prasidium unterfranken. Investigators coordinated closely with the public prosecutor.

The police also ruled out the possibility of a robbery, because the victim still had his valuables with him. A right-wing extremist background to the crime is considered unlikely. The judiciary decides whether the case will end up in court after the investigation is completed. After all, the man had sustained significant injuries.