Brunn’s stephanus church is a single construction site

Many industrious hands of the brunn parishioners have cleared all movable objects from their stephanus church. They unscrewed the lamps and luminaires and prepared the empty roof space of the community house in the village center for the services.
Although the people of brunn will have to do without their organ in their church services until further notice. But even with a keyboard the songs can be accompanied appropriately solemnly.
The atmosphere has also become more familiar, because the people of brunnen have to move closer together during the service. The whole situation has a pragmatic background: the evangelical lutheran church community of brunn is currently renovating its stephanus church.

Total cost: 137 000 euro
The work included fixing and renovating the stenciled plaster ceilings in the church interior as well as cleaning the interior wall surfaces.
The interior is being refurbished and the plaster facade and roof are being renovated. The church congregation agreed on all this with the state office for the preservation of historical monuments and the building department of the bavarian state church.
The brunn church community expects the renovation work to cost 137,000 euros. The evangelical lutheran church in bavaria, the upper franconia foundation and three banks are participating in the project. The church community finances the rest from its own funds.
The architect in charge from heiligenstadt expects the work to be completed by mid september.
Then the believers in brunn can move from their temporary quarters to a freshly renovated church.