Castle park as a magnet for visitors

Castle park as a magnet for visitors

Christiane reuther the town hall meeting in the knetzgau district of oberschwappach on thursday evening attracted a great deal of interest in the packed community center. The focus was on the restoration of the gardens and parks of oberschwappach castle, which was once the summer residence of the abbots from ebrach. They are intended to become an attractive attraction of garden culture in the district of habberge and to convey the cultural heritage, as knetzgau’s mayor stefan paulus explained. The leader project "creative enhancement of the oberschwappach castle park" is part of the transnational leader-cooperation project "cisterscapes-cistercian landscapes connecting europe" to obtain the european seal of culture. The basis for the project are plans for the implementation, which illuminate the cistercian past of the facilities and allow a modern and contemporary interpretation of the garden development harmonizing with the ebracher monastery landscape. The landscape planners marion dubler from bamberg and angelika droll-lauenstein and gotz lauenstein from coburg presented a design.

The planners want in particular to restore important structural facilities or make them accessible to the public and to landscape the park with plant additions. Especially the fountains and the sundials, which are located in the terraced garden. Both in the garden and in the adjacent landscape park, the design should show the reference to cistercian garden art by emphasizing the baroque structures. The first level in the terraces is to be upgraded as a decorative garden for representation. The second and third levels are planned as utility garden parterres and herb and fruit garden. The theme of water is to be revived, and the theme of wine, as a cistercian heritage, is also to be incorporated into the design. In the landscape park the relation to the terraced garden is to be established by plant structures and seating elements with an illumination concept.

Report of the mayor

In the second part of the meeting, mayor stefan paulus addressed the general situation in the community. Not only in oberschwappach does the volume of traffic repeatedly cause displeasure. There were a few words about the "passing by" during the night trucks. Paulus emphasized that the parish has no influence on this, rather it is a matter of a state penalty.

Visible protest

Written submissions to the government, as suggested by the mayor, are ineffective, according to councillor udo vogt. From one point of view, it would have been more successful to draw attention to the traffic problem with houses flanked by bedsheets.

In this way, the people of oberschwappach were also happy to express their displeasure on the subject of church renovation aubern. Since april 2014, plans have been underway for the renovation of the catholic church st. Barbara. At an on-site meeting in october a year ago, an employee of the bishop’s ordinariate in wurzburg said that the treasury had 200,000 euros for each of the years 2019 and 2020 for the claim. Uber third had now learned the church administration of a refusal.

"We have been pushed in front of the head", said church administration member hubert voit. He is waiting for a reply from wurzburg to his letter. In the meantime, 70,000 euros have been paid in advance.

No building permit

An architectural firm was commissioned and a new organ was purchased, for which annual storage costs of just under 1000 euros are incurred. Even the mayor joined in and presented his letter with a reply from wurzburg to the burghers. In this it is informed that after the decision of the diozesanbaukommission of 17. May 2019 the application for ecclesiastical building permission is rejected at the present time.

At the end of the meeting regina betz of the castle gastronomy took the floor and spoke of reputational damage. It countered rumors that it became the gastronomy in the castle remained. The restaurant remains open on sundays from 11 a.M. To 5 p.M., confirmed the mother of two. Otherwise, the restaurant is open four to five times a week for events by arrangement.

The reason for this was the objection of the landscape architect angelika droll-lauenstein, who had criticized the opening hours of the castle restaurant in oberschwappach during the planning presentation for the castle park.