Climate change presented in a way that is suitable for children

climate change presented in a way that is suitable for children

The event was initiated by a project of the "atmosfair ggmbh", for which the school applied to the german environmental action e.V. According to a press release from the school, the minimum order quantity is.


This climate protection project, which is offered to elementary schools in the district of bad kissingen, aims to contribute to the worldwide energy transition and to make young people aware of the problems involved. The children were first given information about climate change and its effects in a clear and age-appropriate manner. Impressive stories told by children from different parts of the world illustrated the various effects of the increase in carbon dioxide on people and nature. Increasing weather extremes, for example more frequent flooding in india, have increasingly restricted or even worsened living conditions and quality of life. The question arose, what can each individual contribute to the climate protection of our precious planet, how can we change our behavior??

The topic is further explored in the lessons

In addition to considerations about environmental changes, the children were also made aware of the connection between climate change and the food we eat. With the help of a "climate scale were allowed to "weigh" foodstuffs they had selected themselves according to their greenhouse gas production will. The type of food, the country of origin, the packaging (plastic) and preparation (electricity consumption) played a crucial role. At this point, it became clear how important a "climate-friendly" shopping and a conscious nutrition can be. With the interesting findings of these future-oriented, even vital connections and on the basis of a workbook, which each school received, the topic can now be further deepened in lessons, ends the press release.