Czech coalition collapsed

czech coalition collapsed

This was jointly announced on sunday evening by minister-president petr necas of the liberal-conservative democratic citizens’ party (ODS), aubenminister karel schwarzenberg of the conservative TOP 09 party and radek john for the party of public affairs (VV).

The current alliance partners will continue to work together in parliament to implement the austerity measures approved for the next two years, necas said. In addition pay shortcuts in the public service, a value added tax increase and pension reductions.

The reason for the breakup of the coalition was that head of government necas no longer wanted to cooperate with the public affairs party, after party rounder vit barta was convicted of a corruption offense in mid april. Ex-transport minister barta had bribed a deputy from his own party to secure his loyalty.

Necas now wants to negotiate with former VV members around vice-governor karolina peake, who have distanced themselves from barta and want to found a new platform. With the splinter faction, the burgerdemokrat could forge a new center-right alliance, according to political observers.

Peake announced on monday that she had nine deputies on her side. With the votes of TOP09 and ODS, this was enough for a narrow majority of 102 of the 200 seats in parliament. 10 deputies are needed to form a regular parliamentary party, but the leader of TOP09, petr gazdik, told czech media for his party: "a reliable majority is enough for us, we do not set any further conditions."

If no new government is formed, rapid elections are the only way out, necas has repeatedly stated. The civic camp had to prepare for a heavy defeat, according to a recent poll. In new elections, the communists were even the second strongest force after the social democrats, with 20 percent of the vote. On saturday, more than 80,000 people in prague responded to a call by social democrats and trade unions for new elections and an end to the austerity policy.