Deaths in explosive attacks in syria

Deaths in explosive attacks in syria

According to state media and opponents of the regime, three explosive devices detonated in damascus and banias. UN secretary general ban ki moon called the situation "unacceptable". "Observers report heavy weapons, military equipment and military personnel in populated areas. This clearly contradicts what the syrian government assures us," he said in new delhi. Priority for UN to accelerate deployment of observers on the ground. "But first they must stop the violence so that humanitarian aid can be provided."

Nato does not want to intervene in the conflict. "I strongly condemn the repression of the civilian population in syria," nato secretary-general anders fogh rasmussen said after speaking with italian head of government mario monti in rome. However, he said, the alliance "has no intention of intervening in syria."

The most serious of the three explosive attacks in syria took place in the damascus neighborhood of al-midan. Ten people killed, according to hospital doctors. State media reported that a man blew himself up around noon next to a mosque in the al-midan neighborhood. Since the beginning of the uprising against president bashar al-assad, there have been several demonstrations against the regime after friday prayers in this predominantly sunni neighborhood. It is therefore unlikely that the attack was carried out by opponents of the regime.

Thousands demonstrated again against the assad regime on friday. Motto of the protests was a koran-sure. It means "god’s will be done, so do not try to hasten it"."

Despite the violence and the protests, preparations for the parliamentary elections on 7 december continued. May continued. Sana news agency reported 7195 candidates had registered.

The spokesman for the UN military observers in damascus, neeraj singh, told the dpa news agency that of the total of 15 UN observers, two are now permanently in daraa province, two others in homs and two in hama. The remaining nine militars are in damascus, from where they leave daily for observation missions. Only with more observers will it be possible to be present in all regions at all times.

The organization of syrian human rights observers reported that deserters had killed three members of the security forces in aleppo. In the province of homs, a deserter was killed in a battle with government forces. In deir as-saur, opponents of the regime say they found the body of a man disfigured by torture. The day before, government forces reportedly killed 37 people, 16 of them in deir as-saur.

The syrian muslim brotherhood called on ban ki moon to declare the peacekeeping mission of special envoy kofi annan to be over. She also called for the suspension of syria’s membership in the united nations as long as assad is in power. Although the islamist organization is officially banned in syria, it is still one of the most important opposition groups.