Euroschlussel facilitates the use of toilets

The two lofts will be rebuilt accordingly in the next few days, assured mayor jochen vogel (CSU) at a site meeting at kirkham-weg.

Daniel alt from the "rhon barrier-free" project had already been working on this project for some time to make the access to the toilet more handicapped accessible. According to the initiator, it is not acceptable that people with an urgent need have to stand in front of a closed door with their wheelchairs.

The euro cylinder lock and the corresponding key, alt explained to the head of the town hall, have been a standardized european locking system for handicapped-accessible facilities since 1986. The special door opener allows access only to a limited group of people who are dependent on special facilities and their design.

Sign wanted

At the on-site meeting, the wheelchair user expressed another wish to the head of the city. If there was already a handicapped-accessible toilet behind the bauhof, then it should be pointed out with an appropriate sign also on it. Daniel alt had brought a printed draft with him and presented the sketch to the mayor. Jochen vogel took up this hint and wants to initiate the necessary steps immediately.