Gottschalk & jauch – the glorious 2

Gottschalk & jauch - the glorious 2

Tonight 20.3 p.M. The time has come: then the most famous german tv faces will compete together against the rest of the republic on RTL. "The 2 – gottschalk& jauch against ALL" is the name of the new show in which thomas gottschalk (63) and gunther jauch (57) have to compete against 500 other contestants in action, treasure and quiz rounds. Whoever wins the final against gottschalk and jauch will collect 100.000 euro. According to RTL, anyone who manages to do this has to show "a lot of brains, team spirit, physical commitment and fingertip feeling."

Thomas gottschalk is not only on the screen as showmaster. In the comedy "the newcomers he plays at the side of mike kruger. Here you can see the film

All of germany is eager to see how the most famous presenters perform. Thomas gottschalk also steamed the high expectations right away: "there will be a certain excitement at the beginning, but then there will also be an immediate disenchantment."

The two of them are a well-rehearsed team. More than 40 years ago, her career had begun at bayerischer rundfunk in munich. Gottschalk studied german and history at the ludwig maximilian university in munich, where he also studied to be a teacher at primary and secondary schools and was a presenter on BR radio.

When gunther jauch heard the cheeky gottschalk on the radio for the first time, he was gobsmacked. Tommy’s quick-wittedness and his coarse mouth is "an acoustic liberation" for him, jauch later recalled.

Then, after dropping out of law and political studies and graduating from the german school of journalism, he joined BR. Finally, they both hosted the two-hour B3 radio show, the first hour with thomas gottschalk, who then handed over to gunther jauch. The mutual banter at the microphone became legendary – and a male friendship developed that had become rare in the media industry, which is dominated by jealousies. It has lasted until today.

Their secret is the difference between the two characters. Barbara schoneberger, who hosts the new RTL format, told the magazine "gala": "the fact that they are so opposed is where the power of these two designs lies.". Jauch finds her to be "rather nuchtern, not necessarily an enthusiast". Gottschalk, on the other hand, is a "show horse", who can’t be shrill and colorful enough.

In a double interview with "bild gottschalk said that there was "never any envy or competition between us given. "We are a sleek convertible and a luxurious S-class. We never cared which of us is which at any given moment… I often talk only so that I don’t have to listen to my counterpart. With gunther, however, it’s a distinct pleasure. He rarely says anything stupid."

And jauch added: "even if you don’t think it’s possible – we can even keep quiet together in private." there was also nothing that annoyed him about gottschalk. "I envy his eternal optimism and particularly like his almost unconditional philanthropy."

Gottschalk, on the other hand, has a jauch quirk: "the guy is seldom or never satisfied. Least of all with himself. The whole nation loves him, but he himself is always fiddling with himself and even with his own work. If he has ten million viewers, he digs into why there weren’t eleven. And even the fact that women find him sexy surprises him. But that also surprises me."

The visual appearance of the two is also completely different. Gottschalk cites cars as an example: "in memory of mr. Moshammer, who died much too early, i have finally decided to buy the rolls-royce that i have long been entitled to, now that the brand is in german hands and a cheaper model has come onto the market. Gunther always comes along in some gray car that is even more inconspicuous than his dress. And he is already embarrassed because the whole nation thinks he only had a bicycle."

But they also have a lot in common: + both were altar boys as children. + both wives love thea. + gottschalk lived in a castle on the rhine, which he has since sold again. Jauch owns a very fine vineyard on the saar river that used to belong to his ancestors. + both are adoptive fathers and have adopted children in addition to their biological offspring. + both became rich through television. + both have almost the same length. Gottschalk measures 1.92 meters, jauch 1.90 meters.

For many years now, thomas gottschalk and gunther jauch have been answering the question of who’s really the bigger man in the same way: one points at the other…