Greenpeace activist asks dutch king for help

Greenpeace activist asks dutch king for help

In a handwritten letter published by the newspaper "algemeen dagblad" on friday, the dutchwoman asks the monarch to address her situation at his planned meeting with kremlin leader vladimir putin in moscow. The young woman, along with 29 other activists and companions, has been imprisoned for more than a month in the port city of murmansk.

"This became my fate journeys and I very much appreciate," wrote oulahsen. "I sincerely hope that you will be able to achieve something for us." konig willem-alexander will be married on 8. And 9. November expected in moscow for the conclusion of the netherlands-russia year.

Russian head of government dmitry medvedev, meanwhile, defended the uncompromising crackdown on polluters. Russia does not approve of actions that could harm the environment, medvedev said at a meeting with his french counterpart jean-marc ayrault in moscow.

The crew of a greenpeace action ship was arrested in mid-september during a protest action against oil drilling in the arctic ocean. The dutch-flagged "arctic sunrise" was towed to murmansk. The netherlands have appealed to the international maritime court in hamburg for this reason.

The prosecution accuses the activists of hooliganism, for which they face up to seven years in prison. According to greenpeace, however, the offense of gang-related piracy with up to 15 years in prison has not yet been officially withdrawn, despite announcements by the authorities.

Oulahsen describes being "isolated from the others" in her cell. In the first three weeks they lived in a dirty cell with rats and leaking water pipes. "I hope this letter reaches you. Although i have the right to do so, i am still not allowed to make a phone call. I like to talk with my family, even if it is only for a short time."