Help for seniors and young families in ludwigsstadt

Help for seniors and young families in ludwigsstadt

One way to achieve this goal was for the town to compile a list of services geared to target groups and needs. For this reason, mayor timo ehrhardt (SPD) presented two new flyers on thursday morning, namely the "senior citizens' compass" and "family land of upper franconia – club life in ludwigsstadt".

"Ludwigsstadt – worth living for a lifetime" or "kuv – children our responsibility", these are the current slogans to draw attention to the city's family-friendliness. Already two years ago the brochure "kuv" was published presented. It provides an overview of the childcare services available in ludwigsstadt, from toddlers' groups to elementary school children. "In ludwigsstadt there are no waiting times", says mayor timo ehrhardt. There will be off-peak care from 6 a.M. To 10 p.M. In the evening. In addition, babysitters can also be requested.

Support for burghers
Family-friendliness does not just mean providing care for children, but also includes an active club life and care options for seniors and family members. Goals are the compatibility of work and family and the support of burgers. The two new brochures were created under the leadership of the tourism representative manja hunlein.

"Family day
The 20 pages of the "seniors' compass serve as a guide for older citizens. Information about offers and facilities in and around ludwigsstadt is. For example, the individual office days and opening hours of the various institutions are listed. The bus and train timetables are also clearly displayed. Furthermore, there is a list of church facilities, doctors, pharmacies, social facilities, help in dealing with challenges and complaints of everyday life.

The 28-page directory of associations presents the individual associations in the city. As the mayor explained, it is the associations that keep a community alive and ensure that a fellow burgher does not get bored. With the administrative employee barbel schneider, a contact point has now also been created in the town hall, to which parents and single parents can turn when it comes to the offers for children and seniors.

Now he wants to present all his family-friendly facilities and offers to the general public at the "family day" present in ludwigsstadt on the schutzenplatz (from 1 p.M.). In addition, individual representatives will be on site to present their associations. The flyers are available in the town hall and can also be taken away if required. They are updated.