Hit-and-run with a tractor: junior has to do it for six months

The 100-hectare farm will have to manage for six months without the senior manager on the tractor. The farmer had driven away after an accident and received a penalty order for it. Since the driver’s license was revoked for six months in addition to a manageable fine for leaving the scene of an accident without permission, he appealed – without success.

"The junior will have to take over for six months", said judge patricia finkenberger at the end of a hearing in the district court. In this discussion, the farmer’s attempt to at least keep his driving license for the tractor failed.

When it became clear after two witnesses that neither the prosecutor nor the judge was willing to reduce the penalties, the man withdrew his plea. The penalty and the facts of the case were determined.

Plotted to the left

After that, the man was driving his heavy tractor on the road between wiesenbronn and rudenhausen in october 2019. When a car overtook, the farmer suddenly pulled to the left and wanted to turn into a field path. The 68-year-old driver just barely avoided a collision. A following 19-year-old recognized the situation too late and hit the car. A total loss of around 7000 euros was left behind.

After the 68-year-old had left, a discussion with the tractor driver developed. "I blinked", said the farmer. "I have seen nothing", the motorist. Then the alcohol smelled. "You’re drunk", he said. As a reaction, the tractor driver got behind the wheel, drove into a dirt road and was gone.

Report in the newspaper

The police were called. The investigations initially revealed nothing. A day later, the farmer contacted the police after a report to that effect in the newspaper. The proceedings started and ended with the penalty order, which was finally accepted.

Before that, however, the farmer had tried to present his view of things. Firstly, he had signaled and secondly, alcohol was never involved. He continued to drive because there was no damage, at least he was not aware of it.

For the court, however, it was clear: the man was involved in the accident and had not been allowed to drive away. Whether alcohol played a role in the decision to continue driving was left open. The unauthorized departure from the scene of the accident was proven, which the man finally admitted by withdrawing his objection. So it remains with the penalty order and the man must reorganize his farm. For six months now the junior has to take the rap.