Hossein case from kulmbach: state bishop criticizes courts for deciding on faith

hossein case from kulmbach: state bishop criticizes courts for deciding on faith

The chairman of the council of the protestant church in germany (EKD), heinrich bedford-strohm, has criticized the deportation of asylum seekers who have converted to christianity and are therefore threatened in their home country. "This is a question that worries us greatly", he said, as reported by the german press agency.

The case of iranian hossein, whose application for asylum was rejected and whose subsequent application for asylum was heard by the bayreuth administrative court on thursday, has made headlines. No decision has been made yet.

It is not acceptable for courts to decide whether refugees from iran, for example, only love to be baptized in order to be able to stay in germany, the bishop of the state of germany now emphasized.

"Abstruse questions are asked, with which at the end it is to be proved that they do not mean this at all seriously", said the bavarian state bishop. "As if a court can take the place of the church, which can best judge whether a person is serious about his faith and is therefore baptized."

Bedford-strohm emphasized: "it is a gross problem with many tragic individual traps." the evangelical state church of bavaria is therefore in intensive discussion with the state government. "I have the impression at the moment that the problem is recognized."

The administrative court will decide in the next 14 days whether the application for asylum will be granted.