Britgrid - http://britgrid.com:8002


Q. Do you have free land available?
A. Yes, we do, please see the Free Land page for further details.

Q. I'd like to pay the rental for my sim, how do I do that?
A. Please use the URL on the Sim Rental page to pay for your sim.

Q. Do you have currency in Britgrid?
A. Yes, we have gloebits.

Q. Can I pay for my sim rental with Linden dollars?
A. No, the only payment option thats acceptable is via PayPal or credit card.

Q. I can't enable God mode on the sim or free parcel I'm renting, whys that?
A. In order to help protect original creators intelectual property rights on their creations, sim and parcel renters don't have access to God mode.

Q. I'm a sim renter and would like to partner my friend, we both have local accounts. How can I do that?
A. Please contact Mister or Misses Britgrid via IM or e-mail with both your details.