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GDPR/Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

In able to provide the service, IP addresses, Media Access Control addresses, usernames, passwords and optionally, e-mail addresses of those who have local accounts are collected and stored. Passwords are stored securely, using a one way hash function.

Others who use the service will have their IP addresses and Media Access Control addresses stored. We do not process or use this data in any way, other than to provide the service. We will not share this data with any third parties, unless legally obliged to do so.

Britgrid server log files are routinely and regularly deleted. They are not processed in any way and are only used for the purpose of being able to provide the service and monitor service performance and network security.

Should you wish to see what personal data Britgrid holds about your account, or wish your personal details to be removed entirely, please e-mail any of the Grid Owners below using the same e-mail address you provided, when you signed up for a local account.

Britgrid does not use any collected data for marketing or advertising, in any way.

Britgrid will not be held responsible for any data loss or lack of service. If you don't like this, then please don't use the service.

Britgrid will address all requests to remove unauthorised copyrighted material seriously and promptly, assuming such is reported by the original content creator.

Britgrid is an adult grid, and as such any local accounts found to be held by persons under the age of consent, will be terminated without notice. Any local accounts found to be publicly distributing any content that is deemed to be illegal, in any manner whatsoever, will also be terminated without notice.

Any residents found to be selling free assets found on the hypergrid will be at risk of having their user account, deleted or suspended.

Likewise, residents who attempt to circumvent the permission system via any means will be at risk of having their user account, deleted or suspended.

Any avatars that look like children or are suspected of being copybotters are likely to be ejected and/or banned on sight, without warning.

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