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All sims will come with a default of thirty thousand prims, rather than fifteen thousand at no additional charge. Existing residents should see their prim limit increase in effect after the next sim restart. Additional prims are also available for a small monthly charge. Please see Rental Info for details.

Britgrid now has an updated viewer login page, with grid and sim statistics.

Hypergrid Business compiles a monthly list of the most popular grids. Currently, that's 341 grids, BritGrid is in 66th position. This puts BritGrid in the top 20% of all the popular grids. That's great news, but we will endeavour to do better, of course. Thanks for choosing and using BritGrid :)

Britgrid now has an updated viewer login page, with grid and sim statistics.

The Pay Tier options currently unavailable on the website, due to unexpected API changes. Estimated time to fix, approx 1 week.<

Apparently, its now "kinda" fixed :)

Britgrid now has a new viewer login page, featuring your sims!

In order to see it in your viewer, you'll need to delete and re-add your britgrid grid entry. To do this, first select any other grid than britgrid in the grid selection window, or this wont work!

Then select Viewer from the menu at the top left of the window, then Preferences, select the Opensim tab towards the bottom left, then select the Grid Manager tab. Scroll down the Manage Grids window and select the britgrid entry, click the Remove button to the right.

In the Add new grid window at the top type in and click on the Apply button to the right. You'll see the new britgrid viewer login details appear in the bottom of the window, as well as seeing the new login splash page appear.

Click the OK button at the bottom of the window. Don't forget to set your Grid login preference back to britgrid, at the bottom of the main viewer window.<

Starting from 12th January 2022 our American renters can now renew their tier in $'s (USD) via Paypal. A new Pay Tier heading has been added to the website to facilitate this. 

Effective from 1st June 2021 most extra prim allowance prices have been reduced, in some cases by half!

>This has been prompted by the fact the more residents rent at BritGrid, the cheaper sim tier will be :)

>Britgrid renters! - if you recommend a new renter, who's with us more than a month, we'll waive your sim tier for a month, as soon as the new renter pays their second months tier.

In August 2020 Britgrid tier pricing was slashed, prim allowances increased and sim offerings simplified. 

Prim allowance for 30 and 45K prims reduced by £10 and £20 on single sims, by £7.50 and £15 on 2 x 2 var sims and by £5 and £10 on 3 x 3 var sims. Maximum available prim allowance increased from 45 to 60K on all sim offerings.

Base sim rental prices remain affordably priced, all with 15k prim allowance:

Single sim - £5 per calendar month.
2 x 2 var sim - £7.50 per calendar month.
3 x 3 var sim - £10 per calendar month.

Please see the Order a Sim page for additional details.