“Kolsche jong” from angola: africa-cup a dream

When the people in charge of his native angola discovered him two years ago in the rhineland for their national team, the dynamic left-fingered young man was immediately on fire. "Playing the africa cup for angola is like being allowed to compete in the european championships for germans. It’s a dream," joe enthuses, as his fellow performers call him. "When can i play against drogba and co. This is a unique event," he says, full of anticipation.

Vunguidica is the only one of 14 germany legionnaires at the africa cup who is not in the 1. Or 2. Playing in the national league. Angola is at the tournament from 21. January to 12. February in aquatorialguinea and gabon only aubenseiter. The "palanca negra" (giant antelope), as the national team of the 2006 world cup participants is called in reference to angola’s heraldic animal, only qualified at the last minute. Burkina faso (62. The FIFA world rankings), sudan (113.) and the ivory coast (16.) are the preliminary round opponents in group B. "Our advantage is that we don’t meet the ivory coast with drogba, kalou and traore until the last game," says vunguidica. He thinks positively, the quarter finals are a realistic goal. "After that, everything is possible."

Vunguidica was born in angola’s capital luanda. His parents fled when he was two years old. Neuwied, located between bonn and koblenz, became his new home, vfl oberbieber his first fubball address. At the age of 15, he left his parents’ home and joined the 1. FC colon. For seven years the cathedral city has been the center of his life, he calls himself a "kolsche jong.

At the beginning of 2011, he was loaned out to kickers offenbach, then to preuben munster at the start of the season to gain match practice. Koln’s ex-head coach frank schaefer watches vunguidica regularly. The german-angolan continues to be regarded as a perspective player who has what it takes to become a bundesliga pro. And the powerhouse wants to grab it and prevail in the next season at the FC. However the competitor on his favorite position lukas podolski heibt.

Also in angola’s national team he has to stand in the back of the line at first. "The coach will probably stick to the system, i’ll be out for now," said vunguidica before departing for malabo, the capital of aquatorial guinea. Here angola plays its opening match on sunday against burkina faso. FC porto’s djalma set to play left midfield. In the last test matches against nigeria (0:0) and against sierra leone (3:1), vunguidica played his country games ten and eleven, but he cannot get past djalma, who was spared there. But he wants to challenge the established: "i feel drawn to angola, but i also have classic european characteristics," says the wanderer between soccer worlds.

Since germany’s participation in the world cup and the hosting of the africa cup in 2010, conditions in angola have improved. After basketball, fubball is the number two sport in the southwest african country. Coach lito vidigal’s team prepared at the base in benguela. And vunguidica hopes the mooing will now pay off. "I will recommend myself to the trainer. And if it’s not enough, i’ll just come home from the africa cup in the best shape of my life and attack the preubes."

The winners of the fubball africa cup since 1957

year winner
1957 agypt
1959 agypt
1962 athiopia
1963 ghana
1965 ghana
1968 congo
1970 sudan
1972 congo-brazzaville
1974 zaire
1976 morocco
1978 ghana
1980 nigeria
1982 ghana
1984 cameroon
1986 agypt
1988 cameroon
1990 algeria
1992 ivory coast
1994 nigeria
1996 sud africa
1998 agypt
2000 cameroon
2002 cameroon
2004 tunisia
2006 agypt
2008 agypt
2010 agypten