Learning from the bees

Learning from the bees

The beekeepers had not expected such a crowd. At the inauguration of the educational bee house at the new location in the eichenweg, the door and windows had to remain open for a while on sunday so that the people standing outside could watch the whole event. The president of the association, stefan ruppenstein, recalled the beginnings and the first supporters of this station, so important for the education and training of beekeepers, which had to move several times. He thanked mayor andreas hugerich and andreas eberlein of the city’s real estate office for their support in finding a site that would be permanent. Now the best conditions could be created to ensure the preservation of the bee colonies, which are threatened by varroa mites and viruses, pesticides and a changed environment with less blood diversity. Without the beekeeper they could not survive. Together with the farmers, they want to improve the structures, said ruppenstein.

The need to work together for nature was also emphasized by other speakers. Anton reinhardt from the nature conservation association described the honey bee as a sympathetic bearer, and since the referendum last year, in which it was the focus, something has changed. This should not be seen as conservationists and farmers going against each other. We want to talk and act together – just as harmoniously as we see three generations united in the small room of the educational beehive at this inauguration ceremony. "The bee can teach us something." the beekeepers’ association makes a valuable contribution to helping people get to know and appreciate these smallest beneficial animals in the world.

Mayor hugerich (SPD) was pleased that a suitable location for the educational beehive was found. This is also significant for the future issues that the city has set for itself, namely to become greener and also socially integrative.

Cooperation with schools

The beekeepers do not want to keep to themselves at the educational bee stand, but also plan to hold events with schools, it was learned. The lichtenfels association currently pays 63 beekeepers, including eleven women. A total of around 400 people are looked after.

Pastor anne salzbrenner performed the blessing of the new rooms including a wax figure of saint ambrosius, the patron saint of beekeepers. She also called for joint action: "we must do something to preserve the bees." bees are something ingenious and are one of god’s most important creatures. They are role models of diligence, sustainability and selflessness. "They don’t ask: do I get anything out of it? They just do it. The bees are showing us how it’s done", said the pastor.