Lumber prices “in free fall”

Lumber prices 'in free fall

A gloomy picture of the condition of the forests was drawn by senior forestry advisor jurgen hahn from the office for food, agriculture and forestry at the public meeting of the town council on thursday evening. Together with wolfgang meiners, he presented the forestry plan for the coming year to the pfarrweisach community council, which the council approved unanimously.

“Debt” the current poor condition of the forests is due to climate change and the dry summer this year. “A touch of nothing according to hahn, the rain this year has been in the region – with 140 millimeters of rain from may to september. After the rainy months of january and march, this was “not expected”. We won”t see “what”s really going on” until next spring.

Although the wood prices currently "in free fall" he praised the local sagewerke and the trucking companies, who "don"t let us down; they are very fair on the road." despite this overall gloomy scenario, the habbergs and the community forest still got off lightly. "In other regions it is already "land under", commented hahn thoughtfully.

Meiners went into detail about the condition of the community forest and explained the structure and philosophy of silviculture to the councils. Financially, cuts had to be made in the past forestry year. In the current season, prices are at the same level as in the previous year. In recent years, the municipality has always had a surplus of "between 20,000 and 35,000 euros retracted. This year, according to meiners, just under 7000 euros surplus calculated.

The forest expert said "the most needed rain is still far away". Not only did the kafer cause trees to die, the trees dried up "standing still, and the consequences will be with us for years to come".

Looking back on the past forest year, meiners said that almost seven hectares of young growth in the lohr woods had been maintained "in the severe summer heat" were made. More was not possible because of the heat. The self-producers and forest owners in the area of the "rauhe leite" were pleased with the between kraisdorf and leuzendorf: here another path has been dredged on the slope.

Other topics in the council

The mayor ralf nowak (ULB) admonished the associations that have not yet applied for a youth claim. Until 31. December was still an opportunity to submit the application to the community of pfarrweisach.

Local councillor martin kuhn criticized the driving behavior of motorists in the area of the bahnhofstrabe/lohrer strabe intersection in pfarrweisach. "The shoots like the blods through." the district administration is to be approached about possibly putting up another sign for a 30 km/h speed limit.

The wayside shrine between pfarrweisach and lohr is to be restored, the town council heard. Based on a tip from the district"s local historian gunter lipp, the municipality put the work out to tender. Among the three bidders, the contract was awarded to tully in konigsberg, which had offered its services at the lowest price of 4600 euros. 1000 euros from the local heritage association. Lipp gives a donation of 150 euro and from the cultural foundation of the district lower franconia 926 euro are requested; a confirmation for it is still pending, informed mayor nowak.