Money from munich also for coburg municipalities

Shortly before christmas, the cash registers in our region are ringing sub – the coburg communities will receive almost 42.3 million euros in key allocations from the freestate.

For 2022, the state parliament will allocate around four billion euros in the bavarian state budget for the whole of bavaria.The county of coburg will receive around 18 million euros, and the county municipalities a total of 24.3 million euros.

SPD member of the state parliament michael busch said it was high time that "the information about the funds, which are extremely important for the strengthening of municipal budgets, was finally available so that municipalities and counties can plan."

Martin mittag, member of the state parliament for the CSU, said: "we must maintain the investment and future viability of our municipalities." the key allocations also mitigated the sometimes still high losses in trade tax at the bavarian municipalities due to the ongoing corona crisis, mittag said.

Not earmarked

The key allocations are part of the municipal financial equalization scheme, which is intended to secure the financial basis of self-government for the municipalities and municipal associations. They are not earmarked for a specific purpose, the municipalities can decide for themselves how to use them. The key allocations are thus the most important item in the financial equalization scheme. In total, municipal fiscal equalization will amount to 10.4 billion euros in the coming year. The share of key allocations increased by around 67 million euros, which corresponds to an increase of 1.7 percent compared to the previous year.