Munnerstadt: new construction area on the schindberg

Munnerstadt: new construction area on the schindberg

Private investor sven melzer wants to eliminate an urban planning deficiency and designate a small residential area on munnerstadt’s schindberg hill. He has bought the former sagewerk mauer and the surrounding land at the schindbergstrabe and wants to create building sites there. "The best thing is to do it now", he said to our newspaper. But the preubes are known not to push so fast. It is a commercial area that has to be transformed into a small mixed area and a building area. Mayor helmut blank (CSU) points out that there is also land behind the former sagewerk. If these were added, a small building area would be created, according to the mayor. "Subject to approval by the city council."

Helmut blank recalls the panel discussion of the mayoral candidates a week ago. There had also been questions about where young families should build in the city center. The mayor now sees a chance at the schindberg. This is the result of a conversation between a representative of the investor and the city of munnerstadt. "There are still discussions to be held with the district office", says the mayor. Because the project requires a change in the land use plan and, of course, a development plan must also be prepared.

It’s not that simple. Sven melzer bought the sagewerk and other properties up to bergstrabe. Other plots of land belong to the neighboring company nipro, the st. Bruno werk, the city of munnerstadt or are privately owned. Accordingly, discussions still had to be held with the owners. "We have already had a preliminary plan drawn up", says the mayor.

Some time ago, the bureau bautechnik kirchner had already looked at all the areas in munnerstadt where building sites could still be created. At that time, this area had also been illuminated, but it was not pursued further because of the ownership situation. That has now changed with the investor’s project. Preliminary planning is based on the ideal case. According to planner matthias kirchner, the overall concept includes the complete over-planning of the site, without special consideration of the current ownership of some of the properties. "This is important to demonstrate the ‘potential’ of the development site." with this in mind, land negotiations could be conducted to demonstrate the synergies for both parties involved (sven melzer and the city).

Three residential and office buildings could be erected directly above the nipro glassware factory, i.E. In the lowest area of the newly developing development area. This small area will be designated as a mixed area. "This is necessary because a general residential area may not border on a commercial area, matthias kirchner. A kind of transition from the commercial area to a residential area is being created. Behind it, there would be space for eight building sites, and in the case of demolition of an existing building, even for ten. Helmut blank is convinced that this can succeed. "We will find compensatory areas", he says. All this is to be discussed at a joint meeting in the district administration office. With the new building area at the schindberg and the remaining building sites in the malbe building area in althausen, the city was able to offer building sites to those willing to build.

Sven melzer is also confident. "We want to develop this together with the city", he says. The first talks have already been held. For the multi-family houses in the mixed area, but also the building sites in the pure residential area, he sees the need given.