Music school hemhofen unites the generations

Music school hemhofen unites the generations

For the participation in the family concert of the music school hemhofen the teachers usually do not need to ask long. This form of concert is so popular that about 30 active family members, from preschool children to grandparents, wanted to make their home music public on the stage of the music school. Piano teacher and organizer irmgard pfitzer led through the entertaining evening in an experienced and humorous way.

"Curtain up!" brought the schatz family to obey with confidence. While mother and daughter anna played the piano, daughter sophia and father played the block flutes. Especially for this concert, the father, who otherwise plays the trumpet, had himself taught to play the recorder. Also in the schneider family the mother played the piano and had the youngest daughter julika play the keys with her. The sons sven and jannik played the guitar and the father took the photos.

Six months of training
with the grandfather gunther dorow, the mother claudia dorow-maib as well as the children karen and tina maib, three generations appeared on stage at once. They play accordion, flute, piano and cabasa and that only since september of last year. With greensleeves and a lullaby for rajala they surprised the audience with their skills. "We come especially from baiersdorf to take music lessons here", claudia dorow-maib says. "The atmosphere at this music school is very special, and that’s why we gladly accept the journey."

Lucas brinkmann and mother ruth brinkmann-seitz presented a brasilian samba and an old spanish melody on the piano as well as with djembe and castanets. They accompanied the final hymn "ode to joy" with equal skill, which, of course, was enthusiastically sung along by everyone in the packed hall.

Sisters maria and luisa forkel took the stage in good spirits. Self-confident and sure of tone, they set off with accordion and violin. The fact that they are well attuned to each other was quickly apparent to the listeners. Already after "five hundred miles they received stormy applause. With "father and son by cat stevens in an arrangement by sandra rub they had chosen as second song a piece that fits especially well to the sound colors of their instruments.

Brothers tobias and martin schmid played four-handed on the flugel. "I have never seen them play together, noted her teacher andreas engel. "Probably it is because they think that a piano would not be enough for both of them", he joked. That they can do it and do it quite well, the two showed with a lot of energy in their "metamorphic rock boogie" clear.

The twins laura and lucas preidt and hannah zorn played with the support of their teachers sandra rub and peter saam. As a quintet with transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone and accordion they virtuously performed two pieces by milo hermann. The horndasch family brought "el condor pasa" to the concert as permanent participants and "turkey in the straw sure to obey. Daughter laura played the transverse flute, the mother operated the cajon and the father accompanied on the guitar.

With the birkner and schwenk families, three generations once again presented themselves on stage. "Here we have to do with a true family of blockheads", explained teacher petra pelzer. The coarse father plays the coarse bass, the coarse mother plays the alto flute, the father plays the tenor flute, and the children play the soprano recorders. "We always make music", said the father, and the mother added: "I have always played the block flute"."

Nevertheless, the performance was a little exciting. Because of the distance – the grandparents live more than 100 km away – it was hardly possible for them to practice together. The interaction of all took place for the first time on the stage. Bravouros and very sure they love with "simi jadech sounding an israeli song.
Irmgard pfitzer, after all the convincing and varied contributions, was left with only an overwhelming "thank you to everyone who has given us this extraordinary listening pleasure"."