New asphalt to help save money

The topic "road renovation also has great significance in the market town of wirsberg. A challenge, as mayor hermann anselstetter (SPD) explained during a press conference, that requires careful consideration from a technical point of view and is also very costly, especially since no subsidies are available from either the state or the federal government. The wirsberg market has therefore decided on a new rehabilitation method, the so-called "dark layer asphalt", which was applied for the first time on an 800 meter long section of the GV-strabe wirsberg – osserich/weibenbach.

First community in the county

Norbert specht from the administration made contact to try something that is not yet so widespread here in the region, but has been in other federal states for a long time. The market wirsberg will be the first municipality in the district of kulmbach to test this new procedure: "other municipalities have had very good experiences with it and we hope that it will save us from a rough rehabilitation inspection in one or the other decade and our market municipality council was also very keen to try the new procedure."
As the mayor explained, it is a new method that has not yet been used even by the county building department: "we hope that the considerable savings will also allow us to achieve durability. We will also observe this in the next few months." bituminous slurry was already being used at the end of the 1970s to seal open-pored asphalt surfaces. Paving was often carried out in one layer and with smaller grain sizes, and very good results were achieved with the sealers. The development of modern and economical laying machines as well as the use of new and improved construction materials make paving much more efficient today. This way, the construction method can be used on all construction classes and an extension of the service life is achieved and instead of an expensive renewal, the budgets of the municipalities and also the environment are spared.
With the "VSI-dunnschichtasphalt" can traffic surfaces be repaired quickly and cost-effectively?.