On the road without freeway stress

On the road without freeway stress

Lea schreiber clack. While the engine of the small blue-and-white plane hums loudly, hanno stock tightens the heavy round metal buckle on the seat belt. It’s loud in the cramped cabin, the propeller of the motorized plane spins fast. Stock’s right hand moves to the control stick. Before departure, the hobby pilot must always check all the functions of the aircraft. An airplane doesn’t just crash, but it still doesn’t get very far without an engine, explains stock. Still with the roof open, the plane taxis to the runway. The hair blows. He closes the canopy and presses the control stick, the plane accelerates and takes off.

Motor plane is means of transport

Still on the ground, before stock sits down in the cramped cockpit, he talks about his passion: while gliding is considered a real sport, the motor plane is "a means of transport. It’s like driving a car." traffic jams, red lights or a lack of direct transport links are no longer a problem for the chairman of the bamberger aero club. "You simply get around quickly and without the usual stress of german autobahns."

A vacation flight with your own aircraft is significantly more expensive than a scheduled flight, but "it is also more pleasant and faster". This way of traveling is very comfortable. Stock could fly as far as finland or southern france with one tank filling. The machine can stay in the air for about four hours before it runs out of gas.

Airports like the one in nurnberg can also be approached without prior registration. Only on the rough airports in frankfurt and munich this is not directly possible. On vacation flights, however, stock particularly enjoys the route, because it is precisely this that is the destination for him. 400 meters above bamberg the view reaches as far as forchheim and the coburg fortress. This view and the feeling of being in the air fascinate the lawyer. "Other children wanted to join the fire department. I always wanted to be a pilot", he remembers his first attempts at flight.

Although it is cramped in the cabin with the transparent cabin roof, it is not very heib. Cool air flows out of a nozzle. From above, the 90-hectare airfield at breitenau looks small, the 1300-meter runway short. The pressure on the ears increases the closer you get to the ground. The machine bumps back down to earth. Rolls out at rough speed and comes to a stop in front of the garage.