Pilgrimage with more than 100 participants

Last saturday, 36 fub pilgrims set out for vierzehnheiligen. The 21. Pilgrimage bore the motto "living faith. As a symbol, each participant received a wooden pendant with a cross on it.

At the first race in weisbrunn at 7.30 o’clock the pilgrims were welcomed with coffee and cake and freshly baked bread. The next short rest was at 9.30 o’clock in ebelsbach in the parish hall. There the temporary priest from poland gave the pilgrim’s blessing and then accompanied the pilgrims for a whole stretch with.

Through the forest to leppelsdorf, where the musicians played in the church of the "purest virgin" played. At 12.45 o’clock lunch was served in priegendorf in the sports center. At about 3 p.M., there was a coffee break in reckendorf, prepared by a former pilgrim who now lives there. Afterwards the pilgrimage continued to medlitz, where at 17.30 o’clock the eve mass was attended. Afterwards, the pilgrims were again hosted by families from medlitz and birkach for the night.

Sunday at 5.30 o’clock the pilgrims were joined by 15 fub pilgrims, and they continued via wiesen to bad staffelstein. At the entrance to the village, 22 musicians from the prolsdorf home band dressed in traditional costumes accompanied the pilgrimage. At the exit of bad staffelstein, the pilgrims were once again treated to coffee and cake.

14 emergency helpers called

Here came also the "bus pilgrims", accompanied by pastor kurt wolf, plus. Some of the pilgrims joined the fub pilgrims and walked the last part of the way up to the basilica of vierzehnheiligen. After the solemn entry into the church, the pilgrimage mass took place here, with pastor kurt wolf as co-celebrant. On the way out, there was a hail around the basilica, and once again the 14 helpers in need were called upon. After a photo on the stairs, they went to the diozesan house for lunch together. At 14.30 o’clock all got into bus or car and drove back to furnbach.

In the church, margot oppelt from wustviel and brigitte geheb from geusfeld were honored for 14 times of participation in the fourteen saints’ feb pilgrimage. The pilgrimage ended with a final prayer and blessing.

In total, more than 100 people took part in the pilgrimage. The distance covered by the pilgrims is about 60 kilometers.