Pipe network to be monitored

Pipe network to be monitored

High water losses in supply lines force the market to act. The search for leaks and pipe bursts is the annual guessing game that the people of euerdorf know only too well and that the community now wants to put a stop to with leak detection and permanent pipe network monitoring. A proposal for a solution was made at the council meeting by the arz engineering office.

The offer includes the digital planning basis, the coordination of a series of measurements at hydrants and a concept for pipe monitoring. A hydraulic calculation can be booked as an option. The price for this offer, including ancillary costs, is about 13500 euro. "Is there demand for the mabnahme?", was the question posed by mayor patrizia schieber, which arz employee schneider answered in the negative. Exceptions are possible in certain cases, for example in the case of a new replacement building. The council agreed to the offer – including the hydraulic calculation – with great enthusiasm.

The catholic church foundation wirmsthal submitted an application for a grant of 200,000 euros for the interior and exterior renovation of the local church. The total cost of the renovation, which will take several years to complete, will be approximately. 500 000 euro. In addition to the market, the diocese signaled a demand for 165,000 euros. However, she is short of money. "That’s why it’s urgent to act before the subsidy is completely canceled", reminded the mayor.

The church foundation wants to contribute another 50,000 euros. However, with an equally large loan from the league bank, the foundation had difficulty making the repayment. Christian rost therefore proposed a ten percent increase in the municipality’s share. Schieber recommended a staggering of the total sum with the words: "must the 500,000 euros be the same or could we do some downstream?"

Gisela bergel argued that the municipal subsidy should be maintained, but that the diocese should increase its demand to. Anxious about this, the town hall superiors put the decision to vote to approve the 200,000 euros from the market, wait for the tree inspection "and then see where the wagon goes". This resolution passed by five votes to three, with five councillors excused. In addition, 15,000 euros of the wirmsthaler own contributions, as well as 15,000 euros of donations and 5,000 euros from the district were included in the cost sum.

For the construction of a multipurpose hall in the wirmsthal "borngraben the builder needs several exemptions from the provisions of the development plan, to which the council agreed.

There were no objections to the change in the city of bad kissingen’s land use and development plan for the "heilbadelandschaft" project and the "thermal hotel" development plan. The council gave the go-ahead for the laying of a 425-meter empty conduit for future broadband cabling between the old saale bridge and the bike path in the direction of bad kissingen. The cost is 8700 euros.

Sports equipment for seniors

Senior citizen representative gisela bergel asked in an application to take over the costs for sports equipment. The councilor liked the so-called "gym-sticks", glass fiber rods equipped with loop straps were purchased to be used for senior sports, which she also personally presented to the committee. "We should do something for our seniors", commented schieber and was thus able to win over the council to pay 700 euro for ten gymnastic bars.

The boundary hedge in the wirmsthal cemetery cannot be maintained in the long term. In many places already withered, it hardly gets water. The municipality therefore wanted to remove the hedge – first on the east side. With this and with a relocation of the path, space could also be gained for an urn burial ground. The council members may give this some thought. The issue will be discussed again in the spring.

On the advice of an expert, the apple thorn in the planting plan "stone quarry" was a good variant, because this type of tree is considered to be an "insect magnet", from which bees also like to nibble.