Saturday is again honey market at the maxplatz

Saturday is again honey market at the maxplatz

2013 will be remembered as a bad year for honey, but nevertheless there will be a sufficient supply for the people of bamberg in november, says the association. Too long a winter, too much rain in the spring and then a long dry heat period without any precipitation have had a massive impact on honey yields, all over germany.

Local beekeepers will offer in the context of the weekly market again different honeys from the french country. Light honeys like blood honeys are very scarce. Karl-heinz ubelacker, chairman of the beekeepers’ association of bamberg and the surrounding area, assumes that the people of bamberg will nevertheless have a sufficient quantity at their disposal in november.

In addition, the other varieties such as acacia, forest, fir, chestnut will be available on the market to supply the lovers of varietal honeys. However, not all beekeepers have this honey, as it is necessary to hunt for it.

According to ubelacker, consumers can be sure that the honey on offer comes directly from the producer and complies with the strict quality standards of the german beekeepers’ association. Nevertheless, buying honey is a matter of taste. Honey can vary from stand to stand because of the different food supply for the bees. Therefore, during the market, the interested people will be able to taste the different honeys at all the stands, free of charge and without any obligation.

According to unanimous press reports, the honey price is currently on the rise, it will still be limited in the honey market, the greater price increase will certainly come only at the beginning of the new year when the honey reserves are completely approaching the end.However, savings can be made by those who bring their own glaziers to the market. Original glaziers are exchanged, other glaziers are filled on the spot, and the glass deposit is saved.