Scandal in dusseldorf – referee knocked to the ground

scandal in dusseldorf - referee knocked to the ground

"This is the worst thing i’ve ever seen in fubball. It’s depressing to be associated with something like this," said fortuna’s chairman of the board peter frymuth. The decision not to continue the match between the bundesliga promotion team and the portuguese top club was communicated to frymuth by fischer in the dressing room. The impartial had first been treated by the dusseldorf team doctor. According to the TV station sport1, fischer had complained of headache.

Until the game was abandoned, it was a relatively fair match in front of 22,000 spectators at the dusseldorf arena. Only when fischer wanted to show a yellow-red card to benfica professional savi garcia fernandez at the score of 0:0, did luisao run up to the impartial referee and give him a check. "When a cabinet like that comes running up to the referee and checks him, it’s clear what the outcome will be," said fortuna captain andreas lambertz.

Fischer initially preferred to be taken to the dressing room and a quarter of an hour later decided not to restart the game. "I hope there will be consequences from UEFA," said frymuth, who plans to report the incident to the european fubball union.

In order not to make fun of the public, fortuna coach norbert meier split his squad into two teams and wanted to play a test match. "Our dress rehearsal has been overridden, this is extremely disrupting our preparation," meier scolded.

After riots broke out in the relegation match against hertha BSC in mid-may, the dusseldorf team was initially forced to fear for promotion because of a protest. In addition, a ghost game against fortuna was imposed. The sports court of the german fubball federation decided only on friday in an appeal hearing in frankfurt/main that the promoted team may admit 25,000 home fans and a maximum of 5,000 guest fans in each of the first two home games of the new season.