Seniors get on their e-bikes

Seniors get on their e-bikes

"Even in old age you can reach your destination safely"" – under this motto, the weisendorf senior citizens’ advisory council and the forderverein mehrgenerationenhaus weisendorf invited to the weisendorf company "radsport weib" a. "Being mobile on a bicycle, even at an advanced age, and easily pedaling uphill is the goal of this action", explained walter ferbar from the seniors’ advisory council. The boom in e-bikes has now also reached senior citizens.

"Senior e-bikes support health and enable older people to remain active", sent christian weib ahead of the action. The head of the company christian weib then presented the bikes to the visitors and explained the different types of drive in detail. "Safety and comfort are important features that must be emphasized in an e-bike", explained the head of the company.

Cycling is a sport that is easy on the back and also allows older people to exercise regularly in the fresh air. It can be strenuous if the terrain is hilly and steep climbs have to be climbed. There one could reach fast its achievement border and the pulse into the high drive. This is where the e-bike comes in.

High speed brings dangers

To benefit from all the advantages of an e-bike, the right model should be chosen with care. It is important to choose a pedelec that suits your own physical condition. Older people who want to buy an e-bike should pay special attention to some aspects. Weight, frame shape, ergonomics and ease of use are all important, explained weib. But he also pointed out the dangers at high speed that an e-bike can bring with it.

Alternatively, there were the latest trends on the bike market to examine and the mounting and dismounting could be tried out. All in all it was an interesting event for the seniors, where not only all questions were answered, but also a test drive in the yard of the company was made possible.