Signs scare away long-term parkers on herzo base

It’s a weekday, half past eight in the morning, the daily traffic jam at the adidas site: cars queue up to the traffic circle near haundorf, and their destination is the parking garage at the laces office building. At the same time, on the other side of the world of sports, in the residential area of herzo base 1: cars snake through the small residential streets, looking for a parking space. There are apparently also all vehicles of adidas-employees there.

The parking bays created in the residential streets of the first construction phase at the edge of the street are sparsely available, and they fill up quickly. That’s why the searchers there have also moved into the smaller streets, parked up the sidewalks and, in the past, even parked on the grass strips, as residents complain.

That is the end of it. The city has put a stop to parking and now only allows temporary parking by disk. This apparently works well, because the permanent parkers have disappeared from the small streets.

Across the meadow

The arrangement concerns first of all the athens and helsinki streets, which run parallel to the olympiaring right at the entrance to the residential area. "Several citizens have contacted us", says thomas nehr, who is responsible for traffic issues at herzogenaurach city hall. The mullabruckfuhr does not come through any more, one cannot park oneself any more and also the entrance and exit became difficult, was the tenor of the complaints.

Stefan bischof, who has lived in londonstrabe for twelve years and manages a facebook page of the residents, can confirm this. You can really see adidas employees looking for parking spaces in the residential area," he says. Bishop paid about 20 to 30 cars per morning, whose occupants then walk across the meadow to the company lot. "This raises the question: is the new parking garage at the southern part of the world of sports already full or is it too far away for these employees??"

The new parking garage is by no means full, thomas nehr can report. Spot checks had rather shown the opposite. But for oliver bruggen, the press spokesman at adidas, this is perfectly justifiable. The parking garage is for the arena this new and futuristic-looking building, which will accommodate 2100 employees, is intended to be. The first employees will move there in mid-april, mainly from the site at adi-dassler-platz, opposite schaeffler in the city. The move should be completed by the end of the month. "Then the parking garage will be full", promises bruggen.

Bishop is nevertheless skeptical. If even more employees work at the world of sports, the situation shouldn’t get any better, he fears. Especially since people parking in the residential area prefer the short route. The leads directly to the container village, which is temporarily set up.

"Nothing for eternity"

Adidas calms down. These office containers are to be dismantled, bruggen confirms. However, a date is not yet known. Adidas has plenty of parking spaces on the site, anyway. According to bruggen, there are currently 3500, of which 1650 are in the new parking garage and 1450 in the laces parking garage.

In any case, the restrictions on parking time imposed by the city in the residential area have obviously already had an effect. "The permanent parkers are gone", says nehr. But in principle such an arrangement is "not for eternity." because every regulation brings with it a restriction for the residents. So far, they have tried to keep this interference as low as possible. So the parking limit only applies on weekdays from 8 a.M. To 2 p.M. They want to monitor the situation now and then possibly take it back later. The principle is important: a residential area cannot be a company parking lot.

In addition to the city ordinance, the residents were admittedly also buried in controls. A woman from munchner strabe ("it’s particularly bad there") has turned to stefan bischof for help. "Sometimes even the entrance to the underground car park is blocked", she writes. For the mother it is "totally annoying, because we have only one underground parking space and I have to park outside. When I come home in the afternoon with my child, everything is jammed up."

Own adidas bus line

When she approached the parkers, the only response was that they didn’t want to walk all the way from the parking garage. The adidas company has recognized this. "There are enough parking spaces, it is rather obvious the convenience of the employees. We will address this again internally", says press spokesman oliver bruggen.

In general adidas is very active. They support cyclists with changing clothes and showers, they have a new bus station at the staff restaurant "halftime" built and offers its own bus line from furth and nurnberg.

After the move, adidas will have between 6,000 and 6,500 employees on campus for the next few years.