The bistro gives structure to the day

Manfred P. (name changed) has been working in the "bistro vielfalt" for over four years now the gfi. The 45-year-old comes four times a week for two and a half hours and is responsible for ensuring that the drinks and snack machines are always well stocked. Then he takes care of the indoor plants. Both are fun for him and manfred is glad that he has found a job opportunity in the bistro that suits him perfectly.

Since july 2013, the gesellschaft zur forderung beruflicher und sozialer integration (gfi) has been running the "bistro vielfalt" project at the bamberg site. With four employees and currently five "additional earners the bistro provides freshly cooked, healthy food for the employees of the bfz and gfi as well as for the participants of the various educational programs in the building.

People with mental disabilities who receive disability or occupational disability pensions work here under the professional supervision of housekeeping manager eva henkel and housekeepers waltraud dippacher and silke maislein. The maximum weekly working time is fourteen hours. The work organization is adapted to the respective abilities and handicaps of the employees so that everyone can make a meaningful contribution. "The service is not for me", says manfred "i get nervous very easily. I prefer to stay in the background and make sure that everything fits with the machines."

Break when necessary

Manfred is a trained businessman. Before his illness, he worked in the administration of an industrial company. That is now no longer feasible for him. Lack of concentration and resilience. Therefore, he also gets a reduction in earning capacity pension. But he doesn’t want to just sit around at home, so he is happy to be able to work in the bistro. "But that’s only possible because I can divide my time freely and take a break in between if necessary."

The fact that it is possible to take into account individual strengths and weaknesses and to create appropriate framework conditions is also due to the project requirement by the district of upper franconia, which supports such so-called work opportunities for people who can no longer work on the primary labor market.

The specialist psychological service in the building is also helpful for manfred, which he can use if necessary. Certified psychologist yasemin stussig offers regular counseling sessions to discuss whatever is on your mind at the moment. "Sometimes it’s a matter of difficult situations, for which we develop strategies together, sometimes it’s a matter of private problems, for which a solution is worked out", stussig describes her task. It is important to treat each other in a respectful manner.

If necessary, the bistro staff can also assist the janitor with maintenance of the pit facilities or minor repairs.

Through his work in the "bistro vielfalt" (diversity bistro) the day gets structure for the employees again. They are part of a small team and the daily lunch has a high value for social interaction. The meaningful task and the recognition from colleagues and customers usually also stabilizes the health condition and the life satisfaction increases. Project manager julia anders is satisfied with the experience so far: "it’s clear to see how positively most of the high earners are developing, and some are even making the step back into the primary labor market." .