The “whitsun thieves” are threatened with prosecution


"We would like to inform you that we will pursue any trespassing on our property and the removal of any objects with all legal means", announces the married couple, which already openly at the castle meeting against this "need" has pronounced. But like other rugendorf families, the couple has no desire to clear out all the movable objects from the property and to keep them there.

No readiness for dialogue
Months ago, hollweg told the bayerische rundschau newspaper: "what bothers us is that the people in question don't want a dialog, according to hollweg. "It is this absoluteness, that this is just need, and against it one cannot do anything. We do not want to accept that", hollweg emphasized and announced that he would not shy away from a discussion. Now the letter.

"But what am I supposed to do as mayor"?, martin weib asks himself and hopes that his public appeals will bear fruit and that the couple hollweg will be left alone, if only to avoid trouble and legal disputes.

"It is also your responsibility as mayor and as a member of the lead organization responsible for this unlawful event to prevent juveniles and those who still think they are from becoming delinquents.", is written in the letter.

Burgermeister martin weib, however, denies that the landjugend as a club or any other rugendorf club was behind the whitsun stealing. Certainly, this need is carried out by young people who are possibly also involved in rugendorf associations, but an association does not organize the actions. "The whitsun stealing has always existed, they were always sporadic, but not organized operations", comments female the need.

Some years ago the mayor of rugendorf himself had addressed the public. At that time, hollywood swings, garden furniture and other heavy movable things were shipped to the village square, but the "stolen" ones could no longer bring back the objects under their own power. At that time martin weib asked for consideration and understanding for the older citizens. "And that worked out", takes female the youth pranks to a certain ausmab in protection. What is also very important to him: that nothing may be damaged during the whitsun stealing.

Appeal to reason
"I don't know what else to do but appeal again this year. There must be no harm. I simply must appeal to reason", says woman.

In rugendorf, on the saturday before whitsun, not only movable things are dragged onto the village square, but also between "clandestine" objects love affairs or between people, which one liked to drive together, every year again lime tracks are drawn. And sometimes the traces are not so serious, explains martin weib. Of course, there have already been traces of this, about which the people concerned have complained. But that always kept within the bounds. Because in the end the people of rugendorf always knew that it was all just a joke.

Hoping for a peaceful pentecost
The threat to take legal action against the pentecostal custom has been made for the first time. "The reaction in this way as now is a unique case. Of course, others have also been angry when there have been exaggerations, but not like this", so female. In earlier decades, too, there had been occasional "exorcisms" given at whitsun stealing. There were plump toilets moved or similar things done. "But so far, everything has always fallen into place", martin weib hopes for a peaceful pentecost this time as well.