Two photovoltaic plants are planned

Two photovoltaic plants are planned

The martinsheim town council passed a resolution on the development of two open-air photovoltaic systems on thursday evening in the old school in gnotzheim. A project-related development plan is being drawn up for both of them. In addition, the land use plan must be changed, which will be carried out at the same time.

The plans have already been approved at a meeting in june, and the municipal council will be closely involved in the process. For both projects, a company based in the municipality has already been set up to ensure that later taxes are not paid elsewhere.

A plant is to be built on the access road to the A7 autobahn in enheim, to the west of the main road between marktbreit and enheim. Around 16 to 17 hectares are planned for it. The name of the project is "photovoltaik rossgraben" set. Some years ago, part of the site was temporarily earmarked for an intermunicipal business park with marktbreit and obernbreit. However, in the current version of the flat land use plan, this is not designated as a commercial area because the government considered it to be in excess demand.

Development of building areas begins in september

For the second plant was chosen as name "photovoltaik fuchsloch" decided. This is to be built north of gnotzheim between the a7 freeway and the railroad line. During construction, a municipal dirt road that runs through the area is to be relocated to the edge of the solar facility.

In addition, the laying of an approximately 4.7-kilometer-long 20-kilovolt line to the planned "fuchsloch" plant was also planned approved. This means that, together with the already approved pipeline for the "hammermuhle" plant, it can now be used for the "hammermuhle" plant to be relocated near wasserndorf (seinsheim municipality). Both have the same course, so you only have to dig up once. From the "fuchsloch" north of gnotzheim, these lines are to be laid in parallel on public land to the transformer station west of martinsheim.

Mayor rainer ott informed that the construction contracts for the development of the building areas in martinsheim and enheim as well as for the ring connection of the water pipeline in martinsheim were awarded to the company steinbrenner from blaufelden. Seven bids had been received by the end of july, and the mayor was authorized at the last meeting to award the contract to the most economically advantageous bidder. The total cost is around 1.1 million euros. Construction is to start as early as september.