Volleyball spectacle in the city on the west coast

Volleyball spectacle in the city on the west coast

There has never been such a gripping volleyball match in coburg before. On saturday evening, VSG coburg/grub had to face the best german club team and current runner-up in the 1st league. Bundesliga on the brink of defeat. The fact that in the end, after five great sets in the HUK-coburg arena, it was still not enough to win was due to small things.

In the tiebreak, the guests simply had the quantchen luck and won with 15:13. Nevertheless, the "forge" could leave the stage with their heads held high after more than two hours of play, on which they had previously given an outstanding team performance. Coach itamar stein was full of praise and received appreciative applause from the fans.

All sentences were exciting and highly contested. The match lasted a total of 137 minutes. But they were extremely entertaining, because both teams experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and were repeatedly knocked down from the supposed winning stretcher.

The first set went to the favorite by a hair's breadth (23:25). But then came the "hammer": with a score of 36:34, the "greens" brought a the hall to the quake and created the balance. When the third round went relatively clearly to friedrichshafen (18:25), it seemed as if the measure had been read.

But the hosts came back with even more momentum after the break and struck back again. And how: with a clear 25:19 they showed the limits of the highly rated vfb and thus forced a tiebreak. The fact that this was ultimately lost by 28 points did not detract from the fact that this strong coburg team did the best possible advertising for volleyball that evening.