Who is to be elected to the bundestag for the coburg spd??

So far, former member of the bundestag carl-christian dressel from coburg, rodentaler marc stichert and trade unionist mathias eckardt have already registered their interest in direct candidacy in the coburg/kronach electoral district. And now also norbert tessmer.

Thomas rausch, chairman of the creidlitz local association and, until two years ago, also chairman of the coburg SPD, said: "norbert tessmer’s willingness to run for office is not only viewed positively by the creidlitz local SPD association, but also by many local associations in the coburg city and country!"

Rausch believes that the people of coburg are also open to tessmer’s candidacy. At the very least, rausch claims to have identified a certain need for an alternative to carl-christian dressel. Tessmer, who is the sub-district chairman of the SPD, was a member of the bundestag until 2009. But because of the SPD’s poor performance, dressel, who was 19th on the list, did not make it into the bundestag. The direct mandate in the coburg-kronach constituency was won by the CSU candidate hans michelbach.

Winning the direct mandate for the SPD is the declared goal. But of course norbert tessmer should also get a good place on the list, says thomas rausch: the goal is to be the first man in upper franconia and then a good place on the state list – better than 19th place. This presupposes, of course, that the other delegates will also support the coburg candidate at state level. In terms of notoriety in party committees, dressel tessmer may have been a bit ahead of him. After all, he is also deputy district chairman.

But tessmer has distinguished himself over the years as a social politician. Active in the bavarian city council, a member of the german association, a frequent speaker at conferences – this must have made him a well-known figure within the SPD. But as the social and cultural officer of the city of coburg, he is also well occupied. He doesn’t feel complacent, he emphasizes: "but it also appeals to me to do something different for a change."

Above all, says tessmer, he was asked by many party friends to run for office. "I always put myself where the party wanted me to go."

What the party wants, however, is currently difficult to discern. The SPD district executive committees in the city and county will probably not make a recommendation, says thomas rausch. Because there are four candidates who want to be nominated: carl-christian dressel, mathias eckhardt and norbert tessmer come from the city association, the rodentaler marc stichert from the district. The people of kronach have not yet nominated anyone.
The jusos buried, that nobody from the outset is certain: "norbert tessmer makes me naturally very happy", says sub-district chairman franziska bartl. But a recommendation the jusos were not likely to make.