Women shuffle the cards

Women who organize and host a prizeschafkopf are rather the exception. However, they are to be found in elfershausen, where in mid-january the schafkop tournament started in the parish hall, the proceeds of which were donated to charitable causes.
Naturally the ladies also like to play the traditional card game themselves. But the idea actually originated in the tuesday walking group, in which eight women and one man regularly walk for an hour around the town to stay fit.
A "schafkopf-knocking" game takes place every two weeks at home, where it "gets down to business". We play for money and in all the variations that this card game offers", informs sieglinde weiglmeier, who together with maria fox, johanna neeb and hiltrud jopp forms the women's card round and who together took the event organization in hand.
"Hiltrud jopp and her daughter jessica are passionate about schafkopf and have already taken part in several prize schafkopf tournaments. That was the basis for the idea to manage such an event in the parish hall, especially since hiltrud has the possibility to manage the preparations and the payment by computer", weiglmeier continues.
After several weeks of planning and searching for sponsors for the prizes, the organizing women were eagerly awaiting the number of participants. The walking group took over the catering in the parish hall, from which 300 euros have already flowed to the intended purpose. With 64 participants – many of them women – the organizers were a complete success.

Great echo

High quality prices, a cozy atmosphere and the harmonious atmosphere were echoed in requests for a repetition. The first prize, a two-day trip to berlin for two people, was won by alexander reinl. A day trip to the munich state parliament and a sum of money were won by the next two winners.
The proceeds of 700 euros and the income from the catering – a total of 1000 euros – were donated by the women'sschafkopf group to four selected institutions and associations. Headmistress gisela reuter accepted 300 euro each for the kindergarten elfershausen and mayor karlheinz kickuth for the friends of the trimburg for playground equipment. Albrecht haun received another 300 euros for the church administration, ursula bogner was pleased to receive 100 euros for the bookstore in the parish hall.
"This would not have been possible without the generous support of the sponsors – companies from elfershausen, hammelburg, the district and the city of bad kissingen", the quartet of ladies emphasized in unison at the small coffee and cake party that followed. The schafkopf friends are considering a repeat performance.